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  • What? - Our 30 Day Exercise Challenge is starting on October 1st! In this challenge you'll exercise every single day for 30 days.  
  • Where? - Anywhere you are! You can exercise wherever you happen to be. At home, at work, at the gym, outside...just as long as you exercise somewhere.
  • When? - Anytime that works for you! You have the control. Work in your 1 minute to ??? minutes of exercise whenever is good for you. 
  • How? - However you choose! Any type, any duration. Exercise can be for any duration (even 1 minute) and can be any form that you choose to do that day - yoga, swimming, walking, weights, core, dodgeball, tennis, etc. We'll be posting regular suggestions, short workouts, easy - moderate exercises and tips to keep you going. 
  • Why? - Because you can! A 30 Day Challenge reminds you of what your body can do, how good it feels to be active and how a little bit of movement each day can improve your mood, strength, flexibility, energy and health!!  

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